About My Imagination 2002 Jackson Browne
TrekAbout My Imagination

Artis: Jackson Browne

Album: The Naked Ride Home

Waktu rilis: 24-09-2002

About My Imagination (LP版) - Jackson Browne (杰克逊·布朗)

I kept my eyes open and tried to see


The point of what went on in front of me


I kept what moved me forgot about the rest


Took my young imagination to the acid test

And it was easy then to say what love could do

So easy when your world is new


It's been so hard sometimes to find my way


I let my pleasure lead my little world astray


And if I'm truthful I'll say that I was blind


To everything about this life but what I had in mind


And it was easy then to say where love could go


It's so easy when there's so much you don't know


About my imagination it got me through somehow


Without my imagination I wouldn't be here now


It was easy then when love was guaranteed


It's so easy when love is all you need


About my imagination

I'm making this investigation


Into my imagination


According to my computations

We're overdue for a transformation


Or is it my imagination


I keep my eyes open and try to see


This life in terms of possibility


So much changing and changing for the worse


You got to keep your head up baby


From the cradle to the hearse

And it was easy then to say where love could go


It's so easy when love is all you know


About my imagination


I'm getting ready for the celebration


I'm bringing my imagination


Taking charge of my elevation


No fear no trepidation


Register my affirmation


No doubt no hesitation


People get ready for the embarkation


About my imagination


Calling out across the nation

It's time for some kind of re dedication


Not talking 'bout just my generation


I'm sending out this invocation


I keep getting these excitation

More light more light more love more love

More truth more truth and more innovation

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