Sex With Your Parents (Motherfucker) [Part II] [Live] 1996 Lou Reed
TrekSex With Your Parents (Motherfucker) [Part II] [Live]

Artis: Lou Reed

Album: Set The Twilight Reeling

Waktu rilis: 20-02-1996

Sex With Your Parents - Lou Reed

I was thinking of things that I hate to do, -sex with your parents


Things you do to me or I do to you, baby, -sex with your parents

Something fatter or uglier than Rush Rambo

Something more disgusting than Robert Dole

Something pink that climbs out of a hole

And there it was - sex with your parents


I was getting so sick of this right wing republican shit

These ugly old man scared of young tit and dick

So I try to think of something that made me sick

And there it was - sex with your parents


Now these old fucks can steal all they want

And they can go and pass laws saying you can't say what you want

And you can't look at this and you can't look at that

And you can't smoke this and you can't snort that

And me baby - I got statistics - I got stats


These people have been to bed with their parents


Now I know you're shocked but hang and have a brew

If you think about it for a minute you know that it's true

They're ashamed and repelled and they don't know what to do

They've had sex with their parents


When they looked into their lovers eyes they saw - mom


In the name of the family values we must ask whose family


In the name of the family values we must ask



It's has been reported that you have had

Illegal congress with your mother, - sex with your parents




An illegal congress by proxy is a

Pigeon by any other name, - sex with your parents


Senators you polish a turd

Here in the big city we got a word

For those who would bed their beloved big bird

And make a mockery of our freedoms

Without even using a condom

Without even saying " no "

By god we have a name for people like that


It's - hey motherfucker

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