Star of Bethlehem (with Neil Young) [2008 Remastered Version] 1990 Emmylou Harris
TrekStar of Bethlehem (with Neil Young) [2008 Remastered Version]

Artis: Emmylou Harris

Album: Duets

Waktu rilis: 24-07-1990

Star Of Bethlehem (LP Version) - Emmylou Harris

Ain't it hard

When you wake up

In the morning


And you find out

That those other days

Are gone?


All you have

Is memories of happiness


Lingerin' on.


All your dreams


And your lovers

Won't protect you,


They're only passing

Through you in the end.


They'll leave

You stripped of all

That they can get to,


And wait for you


To come back again.


Yet still a light is shining


From that lamp on down the hall.


Maybe the star of Bethlehem


Wasn't a star at all.


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