Never Gonna Be The Same (Clean) 2004 Courtney Love
TrekNever Gonna Be The Same (Clean)

Artis: Courtney Love

Album: America's Sweetheart

Waktu rilis: 10-02-2004

Called me up today

Should've stood in your way


You lied


And everywhere a dream


Nothing came between


I died


Give me a way


I will not bleed for you


God comes down


Never gonna be the same


Never gonna be the same


Never gonna be the same


And if you wanted water


And if you wanted food


And if you want shelter


I can not come over to you


And if you want love now


Or a needle and a spoon


You gotta show a little faith in me


baby i can't come over to you


It's never gonna be the same


Never gonna be the same


God come on down


And if you want out


Sitting by the bay


Well the sun went down tomorrow


It will not come up today


And if you want love now


Or rapture un so cruel


If theirs a god it's me


Nwo baby i can not come over to you


Never gonna be the same


She drew me in anyway


She lied


Gotta show a little faith


Your old cross you made


What goes up must

come down and down and down and down




And if i wanted fame


All the glory all the womb


And if i want my name


emblazened in all the light in you


And if i wanted Christ or


a Messiah by my side


I can't believe in anything


i know that mary lied


Sucked you up today


Could've got away


Oh mary lied


Do you know


Can you feel it


Do you feel me




And if you wanted madness


and if you want whats pure


Well you gotta come over to me baby


my life doesn't reach to you


and if you want love so


unconditional and real


U gotta ride that black horse


baby through the depths of hell


that I've been


Follow me away


I will be the same


Strongest one to name


Through the valley of life


I'm gonna be the same


Goodnight goodnight goodnight


Ah goodnight


Oh you I'll never be the same

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