Small Town 1996 Morcheeba
TrekSmall Town

Artis: Morcheeba

Album: Who Can You Trust?// Beats & B-Sides

Waktu rilis: 24-09-1996

Small Town - Morcheeba (莫奇葩)

You feel frozen


But you've been chosen


You lay there drunken


Your dreams seem sunken


Your world's a small one


And you break the rules


You're one big fish


In a bowl of fools


Tired of serving up your town

Tired of wearing that crown

Tired of sliding up and down


Tired of being you


Your work's no future


Your girl don't suit you


Your bar won't serve you


You have no nerve to


Make a break


From this sad old school


Across the lake


Lies a place that's cool


Run you got a place to go

Run you got a boat to row


Run you got a face to show


Run while you can


The high street's sleeping


As friday's creeping


The shops are open


But their minds are closed


How's it going


But it's not their concern


They're talking stuff about you


That you never learn

Smile you're on your own


Smile 'cause you've outgrown

Smile you lost your home


Smile to yourself

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