You Bring Me Joy 1986 Anita Baker
TrekYou Bring Me Joy

Artis: Anita Baker

Album: Rapture

Waktu rilis: 01-03-1986

You brimg me joy

When I'm down

Oh, so much joy

When I lose my way your love comes smiling on me


I saw your face


And them I knew

We would be friends

I was so afraid but your arms, they'd say 'come to me'


So I'd say to you

"Can we talk for a while? "


You'd say "alright"


When you love me, I smile


I feel you hands and you feel mine


You bring me joy


You bring me joy


Don't go too far away


If I can't see your face, I will remember that smile


But can this be right

Or should we be friends


I get lonely sometimes and I'm mixed up again

'Cause you're the finest thing I've seen in all my life

You bring me joy

My joy, my joy


I believe this is gonna be what you want it to be


I just love you, I just love you, can't you see

That you're the best I've seen in all my life

You bring me joy


My joy... you're my joy

My joy... my, my joy


Thank you, baby, thank you, baby

I just love you, baby


When I lose my way, your love comes smiling on me

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