Otis And Marlena 1987 Joni Mitchell
TrekOtis And Marlena

Artis: Joni Mitchell

Album: Don Juan's Reckless Daughter

Waktu rilis: 07-07-1987

Otis And Marlena (LP版) - Joni Mitchell (琼妮·米切尔)

Written by:Joni Mitchell


Marlena under foster grants


She's undercover from the dawns advance


That girl is travel drained


And the neon mercury vapor stained


Miami sky


It's red as meat


It's a cheap pink rose


Otis in the driver's seat


Watches the street lights fade away


On louvered blocks in green sea air


In fluorescent fossil yards


Slippers are shuffling into folding chairs


Freckled hands are shuffling cards


They've come for fun and sun


While Muslims stick up Washington


Otis empties out the trunk


On the steps of that celebrated dump


Sleazing by the sea


Bow down to her royal travesty


In her ballrooms heads of state


In her bedrooms rented girls


Always the grand parades of cellulite


Jiggling to her golden pools


Through flock and cupid colonnades


They jiggle into surgery


Hopefully beneath the blade


They dream of golden beauty


They've come for fun and sun


While Muslims stick up Washington


Marlene white as stretcher sheet


Watches it all from her 10th floor balcony


Like it's her opera box


All those Pagliacci summer frocks


Otis is fiddling with the TV dial


All he gets are cartoons and reruns


She taps her glass with an emery file


Watching three rings in the sun


The golden dive the farted flake


And sizzle in the mink oil


It's all a dream

She has awake


Checked into Miami royal


Where they've come for fun and sun


While Muslims hold up Washington

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