Four Eyes 1988 Randy Newman
TrekFour Eyes

Artis: Randy Newman

Album: Land Of Dreams

Waktu rilis: 27-09-1988

Four Eyes (LP Version) - Randy Newman

One September morning when I was five


My daddy said "Son rise from your bed."


I thought I must be dreaming it's still dark outside


He said "Son if you fall behind you'll never get ahead


Here's your little brown cowboy shirt put it on


Here's your little brown cowboy pants put 'em on


Here's your little brown shoes can you tie them yourself?


Get into the car we're gone!"


We drove it seemed like forever


Further than I'd ever been away from home


Then my daddy stopped the car, and he turned to me


He said, "Son it's time to make us proud of you,


It's time to do what's right


Gonna have to learn to work hard"


I said, "Work? What are you talking about?


You're not gonna leave me here, are you?"


He said "Yes I am!"


And drove off into the morning light


For a while I stood there, on the sidewalk


A Roy Rogers lunch pail in my hand


Then I heard sweet children's voices calling


And I began to understand


They said, "Four eyes! Look like you're still sleeping!"


"Four eyes! Look like you're dead!"


"Four eyes! Where have you been keeping yourself?"


"Look like you been whupped upside the head."


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