Joint Custody (Album Version) 1994 Saafir
TrekJoint Custody (Album Version)

Artis: Saafir

Album: Boxcar Sessions

Waktu rilis: 27-09-1994

I'm accurate secure my spot there be no hot

Seats don't trick sweet treats even if i'm

Stiffer than a swisher easy going when I'm sleep warlike

It's when I attack untight mike masses

Don't conceal ya feel breed if you're exceeded

By who is this myself I demean so my dream

Of being a hiphop master won't shatter

Like plaster sample savior sup shallow taste

It peculiar rare, file no aroma of a coma substance

Is vicious vile wicked you can't fuck with the twisted

Winding sizeable you've stumbled into hazy ill-defined

Room ya shrumed ya self butt naked ya nothin but

Chosen prunes frozen fumes

Saafir will be here like landscape

I'll scrape ya ass off the reel

You've been edited I'm enriched fit

Full blown 11x13 it seems at first word

Seeing is no believing unless your vision is blurred

From these cutesy, cutesy new boodies on rap I'm rilin

Up a muthy gats being pushed in ya saliva

Opening the file of a masterpiece

Is where I lease my space

I rope dope styles like cows ram them in your ass

Baby, oh! and this time I didn't forget the gravy

Pay me my respect check one hobo immovable spirit

I was brought here solely for the lyrics

I have no time for your unsubliminal earthly

I'll be lurkin on the b-side slidin in sideways

On the edge straight servin them I'm on some reap bitch

Shit shut up fall silent no perfume

I'll stay funky musty with this custody


I've mastered my adrenalin sendin souls to afterlife

Like mussolini I'm like houdini who can see me

I'm the same color of the sun if you have no pigment

You'll get burned charred to a crisp

Refreshing drink I think you need a sip of this

Cause you're this close to a lip of the wrist

And the thing you value the most

Life please let there be another entity

To devour proficient effective

When I think you should offer your feces

I'm going to revel and defile in the prostitution

Of the potency words swarmin teamin up

Pain will be equivalent to the unteethin of a pup

The force tell you don't prolong yaself

Ya too noticeable to the graduated continuing

It's amazing how your reproductive system works

Of art develop blossom gain grow

I see the unholy gain green in ya

Seems magnify move up I prefer ya

Raise ya cup why don't ya raise ya skirt

Well I'm pleased to see that you don't have the

Correct knees for the job off my nob by far

Sighted only in infrared ya not prepared to spar

With a heavyweight, dwelling repelling freshmens

Propelling them back to the guf look it up I'm puffy

Like my man from uptown for those weak

Don't provoke or speak or it spells an abrupt downtown

Trip, from the hips what's that smell of ass

We've past that point I have custody joint

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