Loaded Gun 2018 6LACK
TrekLoaded Gun

Artis: 6LACK

Album: East Atlanta Love Letter

Waktu rilis: 14-09-2018

Loaded Gun (Clean) - 6LACK

Lyricist:Cardiak/Bizness Boi/6LACK

Composer:Cardiak/Bizness Boi/6LACK

Producer:Cardiak/Bizness Boi

Mastered at:Larrabee Sound Studios, CA

Mastered by:Michelle Mancini

Mix Assisted by:Scott Desmarais & Robin Florent

Mix Engineering:Chris Galland

Mixed at:Larrabee Sound Studios, CA

Mixed by:Manny Marroquin

Recorded by:JT Gagarin

Label:Love Renaissance & Interscope Records

Recorded at:No Excuses Studios (Santa Monica, CA)

My fault no

I got women calling my phone like

I owe them somethin'

It's kinda my fault I guess I showed them somethin'

No s**t I treat my d**k like it's a loaded gun

Point that s**t away these hoes gon' blow or come

No disrespect when I say if you love me better f**k me

Like you 'bout to lose your place to the girl next door

And hell no I don't want her I'm just giving you incentive

Inspiration before I go on these sold out tours

Got this pretty brown-brown watch her go wild

Found her confidence so she a pro now

Your man a clone quick come down to zone 6

Treat you to hot wings like it's some fancy s**t

Hot lemon pepper whip that mean it's wet as s**t

Don't question what I earn I put that on my wrist

Wait until a n***a get home listen n***a got the s**t on

But I'm going for they spouses

I can pull 'em with the flip phone

Time all I'm ever asking for is time

I just needed time to clear my mind

What I want is already mine

Needed a little time

All I'm ever asking for is time

I just needed time to clear my mind

What I want is already mine

I got people I don't know expecting something from me

Could let it throw me off but man it's nothin' to me

More money more problems that ain't no lie I swear

Say I'ma take a break but that's the only lie I tell

We made it past ten-thousand hours lot of power

Now I'm fully loaded fresh off Moreland Ave

Now I'm in my bag ain't no cap

Eastside on my back daughter on my back

She a Kirkwood baby puttin' in work little baby uh

This is a message for y'all

Making my way through the fall

Loaded we came for it all

You only came here to ball

Don't s**t happen by chance over here

I pray to God and then I conquer my fears

Since then I done took care of my fam'

Took care of myself took care of my health

And that ain't no 360 that's a 180

I got one baby that's one lady I'ma answer to

She be the reason I'm righting my wrongs and s**t

Love is the reason I'm writing these songs and s**t

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