Chuck E.’S In Love 2004 Rickie Lee Jone
TrekChuck E.’S In Love

Artis: Rickie Lee Jone

Album: I Write The Songs

Waktu rilis: 17-11-2004


How come he don't come and p i p with me

Down at the meter no more

How come he turn off the t v

And he hang that sign on the door

We call and we call 'How come ' we say

What could make a boy behave this way

He learn all of the lines and every time he

Don't suffer when he talk

And it's true It's true He sure is aquired a

Cool and inspired sorta jazz when he walk

Where's his jacket and his old blue jeans

If this ain't healthy is it some kinda clean

I think Chuck E's in love

I don't believe what you're saying to me

This is something I gotta see Is he here

Look in the poolhall Is he here

Look in the drugstore Is he here

No he don't come here no more

I'll tell you what I saw him

He was sittin' us down at the Pantages

And whatever is that he got up his sleeve

I hope it isn't contagious

What's her name Is that her there

Christ I think he's even combed his hair

Is that her What's her name

Oh it's never going to be same

But that's not her

I know what's wrong--

Chuck E's in love with the little girl who's singing this song

Chuck E's in love with me

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