Poke Martian (Album Version) 1994 Saafir
TrekPoke Martian (Album Version)

Artis: Saafir

Album: Boxcar Sessions

Waktu rilis: 27-09-1994

My septic's anti on the skeptical

Who jocks

And disavow ya actions,

Who's your agent

2nd letter 'cause you're actin' like

A charlatan not

Let's say your froidian slips

On transmissions kicked daily

Don't let perpetual lies be the reason


Treason play the seasonin'

On the pessimism in your thoughts

Meager is you game - hand, no


As teep mentat poke martian,

Caught 'cha frontin'

I peeped ya from da jump

I take it for true that plagarism

Captivates, your vision is blurred,

Your head's swollen, crab

You irritate my scrotum

I recognize the pattern of your ways,

Your swaze

Portrayed on the relay, some say

Another one of you is born every day

No, better yet, I'm not one to even take it that far

Yo! where's that fuckin' bluestar...

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