Sand In Your Eyes 1998 Spacehog
TrekSand In Your Eyes

Artis: Spacehog

Album: The Chinese Album

Waktu rilis: 10-03-1998

When the world died laughing, laughing at you

While others cry hungry you go without food


Still you can see that as the world splits it sides


You're one of a million, just a wandering child


Because something meant something


Nothing to the few


Now heaven don't haunt you

And hell's awful


Don't tell me you love me, don't say that I do


'Cause I will believe you, I'll believe you


Now you're hurting but you just can't feel


You've got a chip on your shoulder and your arm won't heal


Sheer paranoia keeps you awake


Makes you hungry, makes you ache


She'll go enroll me, time and again


Well, I could have told you 'cause you're not my friend


Still I will believe you, I'll even lie


For all of your hurting is just sand in my eyes


Like sand in your eyes


But you can't see that with sand in your eyes

You're just one of a million wandering children

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