Sack’a Puppies (Skit) 2019 Florida Georgia Line
TrekSack’a Puppies (Skit)

Artis: Florida Georgia Line

Album: Can't Say I Ain't Country

Waktu rilis: 15-02-2019

Sack’a Puppies (Skit) - Florida Georgia Line

Lyrics by:Florida Georgia Line/Brother Jervel

Composed by:Florida Georgia Line/Brother Jervel

Hi there fellas this is your brother Jervel

Just wanted to call on in talk to you a little bit

Kinda let you know what's goin' on down

Here at the church you know

I'm diggin' through these prayer requests

And looks like Jessie Lee's name is back

In the basket again

You know her mom and daddy are still worried about her

Y'all remember her I mean

She's cuter than a sack'a puppies boy

But you know she used date

Hardy but now she's run off with this trust fund boy

And they just worried about her

They travelin' the world

And she's worried about

All the different viruses she can get

All the different food poisonings

And people eatin' all kinda

Different things out there you know

So they just worried about her and want her

To come back home you know

Just wish she'd have married one of y'all boys

Anyway talk on y'all later

Call me sometime

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