I Need You Now (Album Version) 2003 Billy Ray Cyrus
TrekI Need You Now (Album Version)

Artis: Billy Ray Cyrus

Album: The Other Side

Waktu rilis: 16-12-2003

I Need You Now - Billy Ray Cyrus

I've never seen that little town where you were born


It was long before my time and far away


But as time goes on I think about you more and more


And wonder what it was like in those days


I wish I could have walked with you

You might have called me friend

But there's no way I could've known you then

But I know you now

I know your name

A lot of awesome things you did and why you came

I didn't know you when

You helped that lame man rise up from his bed

I didn't know you when

You stood there and called Lazarus from the dead

But I know you now


I didn't see you feed that tired hungry crowd


With five loaves and two fish one afternoon

And I didn't see you catch Peters hand

So he wouldn't drown

When he tried the walk on water like you

I couldn't see your face

When you taught those little kids

There's just no way I could've seen you then

But I see you now I see your love

I see a tiny glimpse of you in every one of us

I didn't see you on the mount of olives, crying

As you prayed I couldn't see you when

You were kissed

By Judas and betrayed

But I see you now


Oh, I didn't need you when that bitter angry mob

Shouted out crucify him

And I couldn't have needed you

When they laughed and mocked you

But it could be I'm a little bit like them

Cause I need you now

I need your grace

And how I needed your forgiveness to be saved

I didn't need you when Pilate's soldiers beat you to the ground

I didn't need you when you hung there

Bleeding from your thorny crown

But I need you now


Oh, I need you now



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