Spirit of the Land 2000 Hothouse Flowers
TrekSpirit of the Land

Artis: Hothouse Flowers

Album: Songs From The Rain

Waktu rilis: 03-04-2000

Spirit Of The Land - Hothouse Flowers

Have you been touched

By the spirit of the land?


From a far away call

Into the palm of your hand


It's inside every woman

And it's inside every man


It's time to look and listen

To know and understand


The news is getting further

And the word is getting round


We will end another people

If we keep taking from the ground


You'll see it in the symbols

And the songs with ancient sounds


You'll find it all connected

If you take the time to look around


Look around


There's a gathering of races

And a gathering of soul


There'll be a choosing of directions

And a distribution of roles


Earth is Turtle Island

And air is Isle of Green


Water is in India

And fire is Aborigine


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