Runaway Love (EP Version - Featuring FMob) 1999 En Vogue; FMob
TrekRunaway Love (EP Version - Featuring FMob)

Artis: En Vogue; FMob

Album: Best Of

Waktu rilis: 01-06-1999

Artist:en vogue

Songs Title:runaway love

Are you ready to roll


Funky divas with a cool isle stroll


Sending smooth vibes to all our great fans


It feels good to be grooving again


Chocolate cream to me baby so sweet to me

Like some honey to a honey bee

I am drawn to you baby like a strong magnet-oh

Once i'm there there's no turning back

There is no real excuse for


This abusei keep running back taking slack-don't know what to say or to do

It's amazing but i'm not crazyi can't winit's a sin so i feel i have to fight out

Runaway lovelike a train on open tracks now

It's too hard to turn it back now

Feels good without a doubt yeahhas to stop before it turns me out

Oh i'm not qualified to put up with games with outi've been hurt hard lately i'm not for being used no more

Jst little lovin'it's like a drug a and i'm a drug addict

I just don't know why

T can't let goi can't walk away fade away everyday my love grows and grows


It's cause of sickness

Or is it weaknessshould i cope

Is there hope

All i know is it's hard to go on


High-h-h-htake metake me take mehigher higherhigh-h-h-hohhh take merepeat

Like a triple contractionit's too hard to turn it back


Feels good without a doubt yeah

Has to stop before it turns me out

Ohh just a runaway love


Feel's good without a doubt babyhas t

P before it turns me out


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