For Taking The Trouble 2002 Jackson Browne
TrekFor Taking The Trouble

Artis: Jackson Browne

Album: The Naked Ride Home

Waktu rilis: 24-09-2002

For Taking The Trouble (LP版) - Jackson Browne (杰克逊·布朗)

For taking the trouble


For hanging on and tryin'


You've been working through the rubble of a shattered mind


Yeah baby

Tell me why the tears are falling from your eye


Tears of laughter


Tears of grief


Are they the tears of a captured thief


You thought that you were home free


Thought you had her well in hand


But there were things about her you didn't understand


Yeah baby

Tell me how


You're gonna keep that promise now


To live your life

Without regret


And make it work with what you get


You didn't then but now you know


When she began to lie


You really should have let her go


You're learnin' how to talk about it


You're learnin' how to bend


It's like you're learning how to walk all over again


Yeah baby tell me who you're gonna give your lovin' to


That girl who catches every eye

Or the one you can set your compass by


You set it by her soulful smile


The fire in her eye


And the way she goes that extra mile


The love you wanted this to be


Is somewhere down the line


You'll find her eventually


Your grandma and her grandma


Sittin' 'round heaven discussin' the law


Lovin' that girl was not your crime


Livin' without her gonna take some time


Lovin' that girl next thing you knew


You'd turned away from the thing you do


Lovin' that girl you couldn't see


Living without her gonna make you free

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