Running Blind (LP Version) 2004 Randy Travis
TrekRunning Blind (LP Version)

Artis: Randy Travis

Album: Passing Through

Waktu rilis: 09-11-2004

Running Blind (LP版) - Randy Travis (蓝迪·崔维斯)

At a quick shop

Somewhere west of albuquerque


Got a tank of gas

And a cold drink and a beef jerky


The cashier she gave me a smile


So I stood there and I talk to her a while


She said where you headed

I hope you get there soon

I've seen em all day long from 4am till noon


Some are running from

Some are running too


Some are running blind



Which one are you


I said it don't appear to me

Be so cut and dry

You don't know me from adam

Can it be so black and white

I said I got a plan you see

I got it figured out

How can you be so sure my dear

What I'm all about


She said I've stood in this window

For twenty seven years

I can tell your cash or credit

I can tell your brand of beer


I can tell you who's a liar

And the truth is plain to see


That's your last twenty boy


And don't you lie to me


Their's a girl


In albuquerque




Ain't she


And your standing


In a quick shop


Lying ain't ya




She handed back my twenty

Said you know what to do

If you drive it steady son

You'll be home this afternoon


And I hate to judge you

I don't mean to seem unkind


But there ain't no use in running


If you're only running blind


Oh their ain't no use in running


If you're only running blind

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