Right Here, Right Now (LP Version) 1994 Luka Bloom
TrekRight Here, Right Now (LP Version)

Artis: Luka Bloom

Album: Turf

Waktu rilis: 14-06-1994

I just don't believe in this world full of sorrow

To suffer for something that's better tomorrow

Counting our sins on the path of forgiveness


Hoping we're heard by a merciful witness


We race around looking for brilliance in the world


In the darkness we cry out for light in the world


And the last place we're looking for love in the world


Is right here, right now


See what I have been, I condemn it to laughter

Leave to the sages my status hereafter


If anybody says I exist in denial


So be it, we'll see when we all are on trial


I'm bidding farewell to the ritual chores


Condemning ourselves or counting old scores

I'm opening windows and kicking down doors


Breathing fresh air into orifices and pores


Right here, right now


Two lovers together out walking the road


Two hearts complementing, but feeling the load


Scarred by the wounds of the passions we've known


Something to share, uncertain we've grown


The turf is all gone and the fire is dim

Another day certain that love cannot win


Finally calling on powers within


Right here, right now


We go down to where we hold each other


Precious moment, simply lovers now


Right now, right now


I just don't believe in this world full of sorrow

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