Suzy And Jeffrey 1994 Blondie
TrekSuzy And Jeffrey

Artis: Blondie

Album: The Platinum Collection

Waktu rilis: 31-10-1994

Blondie - Susie & Jeffrey Even though Jeff was worried They weren't in a hurry They planned a lovely honeymoon Sue had a brand new Chevy Conservative, in good taste Only 30 payments due They had outstanding tickets They had no car insurance But they had lots of things to do They were getting organized They had their plans all finalized The date was set for Saturday Susie and Jeffrey, they're gonna get married They're going for a blood test What if I don't pass my blood test? What about our marriage licence? What if I deprogrammed? can't be Don't act like it's your last chance We could have fun at the Spahn Ranch It's not like Gordon Avenue Susie and Jeffey, they're gonna get married They're going for a blood test Jeffrey said, "Let's wait" Sue took her foot off the brake He drove into a wall Don't get excited, now don't shout I'll scratch your eyes out Now we can't have our honeymoon Don't touch she's my fiance Say, but I like the way you play An autograph from Orson Welles I'm a fan, here's my record one we can't get

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