Thugger’s Interlude 2018 6LACK
TrekThugger’s Interlude

Artis: 6LACK

Album: East Atlanta Love Letter

Waktu rilis: 14-09-2018

Thugger's Interlude (Explicit) - 6LACK

Lyricist:Jakob Rabitsch/Singawd/Adrian Brusch/6LACK

Composer:Jakob Rabitsch/Singawd/Adrian Brusch/6LACK

Producer:Bobby Johnson Beats

Mastered at:Larrabee Sound Studios, CA

Mastered by:Michelle Mancini

Mix Engineering:Chris Galland

Mix Assisted by:Scott Desmarais/Robin Florent

Mixed at:Larrabee Sound Studios, CA

Mixed by:Manny Marroquin

Recorded by:6LACK

Label:Interscope Records & Love Renaissance

Additional Production by:Jakob Rabitsch/Singawd

Recorded at:LVRN Studios (Atlanta, GA)

Going under

Tryna keep myself from going under

I've been listening to Young Thugger

When it's good it's good

But the question is are you down to f**k with the other side

Lately I been bumping trap music

Don't wanna listen if I can't dab to it

'Cause all that other shit makes me think about all the things

I don't wanna think about

But I'm a hypocrite 'cause here I am with another slow song

I'm a hypocrite singing like a n***a doing no wrong

Ever since I got me a check I got a check

Them digits really have them b***hes coming for your neck

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