Mr. Zebra (Reworked Greatest Hits Version) 2003 Tori Amos
TrekMr. Zebra (Reworked Greatest Hits Version)

Artis: Tori Amos

Album: A Tori Amos Collection: Tales Of A Librarian

Waktu rilis: 18-11-2003


Hello Mr. Zebra

Can I have you sweater

Cause it's cold cold cold

In my hole hole hole


Ratatouille Strychnine

Sometimes she's a friend of mine

With a gigantic whirlpool That will blow your mind


Hello Mr. Zebra


Ran into some confusion with a Mrs. Crocodile


Furry mussels marching on

She thinks she's Kaiser Wilhelm Or a civiliaes syllabub

To blow your mind


Figure it out she

She's a goodtime fella

She got a little fund to fight for Moneypenny's rights

Figure it out she

She's a goodtime fella

Too bad the burial was premature she said And smilied

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