Prince Song (LP Version) 2004 2nd Chapter Of Acts
TrekPrince Song (LP Version)

Artis: 2nd Chapter Of Acts

Album: Encores

Waktu rilis: 24-02-2004

Prince Song (LP版) - 2nd Chapter Of Acts (圣经第二章)

I got a brand new story

Though you've heard it a time or two


About a Prince who kissed a girl

Right out of the blue


Hey this story ain't no tell to me now

For the Prince of peace has

Given me life somehow


You know what I mean


My sleep is over

I've been touched by his fire


That burns from his eyes

And lifts me higher and higher


I'll be forever with him

Right by my side


He's coming again

On a white horse he'll ride


He'll clothe me and crown me

And you make me his bride


You know what I mean


You know what I mean


Lalala la






He'll clothe me again no why voice you right


You told me and bright me

And you make me bride


You know what I mean


You know

What I mean

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