Peel Their Caps Back (Album Version) 1989 Ice T
TrekPeel Their Caps Back (Album Version)

Artis: Ice T

Album: The Iceburg / Freedom Of Speech

Waktu rilis: 01-10-1989


Peel Their Caps Back (Album Version) - Ice T

Coolin' in my crib, cold video dubbin'

FBI warnin'? Huh, don't mean nuttin'

They call that shit a crime?

Yo, that shit's a joke


Hit record on my dope remote

I heard my phone ringin',

I wonder who could it be

It was the E, the V, yes the I L E

He said, "We got static, word,

I just got out

Punks tried to move at the club

and we shot out

Bullets everywhere

" Okay what's the prob?

"Ink got popped, he's dead as a doorknob"

You bullshittin' "I ain't fuckin' around

The posse's rollin' tonight,

nigga are you down?"

I grabbed my AK, my 16,

and my baby Mac

Strapped on my vest,

and threw the 9 in the small of my back

I said, Chill,

don't let nobody move without me

Say you know where they are?

He said, "I know where they be"

Let's peel their caps back


Let's peel their caps back


Twelve o'clock midnight,

posse was airtight

Twenty-five cars, under the streetlights

Some people talked,

while others cried


Ink was a brother,

who shouldn't have died

Then the silence broke,

Ice what's it gonna be?

38 hard brothers stood and stared at me

There were only two words that I had to say

P A Y, B A C K

The car's loaded with a silence

that could rape the dead

Pistols clipped

as the chamber's loaded full of lead

Everyone in the crew knew what I said

Would mean by morning,

somebody else soon would be dead


Let's peel their caps back


The cars at the corner like a long black snake


Nightprowlin' for a life to take

Ya see down in the ghetto it's an eye for an eye

That's the answer to the question why


In my throat, there's a lump,

then I swallow it, I ain't no chump

Face of death, then I cocked my pump

I'm a nigga on the trigger,

madder than a pitbull

Just layin' for a reason to pull on you


Any duck motherfucker that gets in my way

I'm insane,

and my homeboy's death made me this way

But then we spot him, Evil E shot him

Dead in the face, made sure that he got him


Others ran, but no mercy to the posse's wrath


Automatic Uzi motherfuckin' bloodbath


Let's peel their caps back


Let's peel their caps back


Let's peel their caps back


Then all of a sudden,

a bullet came through my eye

My dome exploded

and I felt my other brothers die

I drink my blood

as I fell like shit into the street

My corpse stunk like a burnt

out rotten piece of meat

Ten brothers died in this stupid homicidal binge

'Cuz whenever someone dies,

nobody wins

But this drama, you'll never hear a word of

'Cuz all the paper's gonna read is a gang murder


Gang murder


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