Soul Serenade 2014 Aretha Franklin
TrekSoul Serenade

Artis: Aretha Franklin

Album: I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You

Waktu rilis: 10-07-2014

Soul Seranade (LP Version) - Aretha Franklin

Only you,


Can hear my soul,




I want to be free to fly away


and sing to the world


About my soul serenade,


sing my soul serenade


When you're not around


there's a lonely sound


In my soul serenade,


in my soul serenade


Everyone but you adores me


But can I tell you that pretty soon they bore me


yes, they do.


Let me tell you right now

that they bore me


They bore me with their

pretty little words


Those pretty little words of devotion


But oh, let me tell you right now


Those pretty little words of devotion


Because only you hear my soul


My soul serenade,


Only you can hear my soul serenade


yes, it is.


it's my soul serenade


I am saying by my serenade


I am talking about my serenade


my soul serenade


my soul serenade


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