You're My Everything 1989 Dave Wang
TrekYou're My Everything

Artis: Dave Wang

Album: A Lone Star

Waktu rilis: 11-08-1989

作曲:Scarano-Donnez. Gomez 作词:Scarano-Donnez. Gomez

All my everything

歌 Ther's nothing that can harm you

词 In the lonely night I'll come to you

转 And keep you safe and warm

自 It's so strong my love

魁 When I kiss your lips

网 I feel the rolling thunder To my fingertips

i And all the while my head is in a spin

n Deep within I'm in love

u When I kiss your lips I live up on the land

i And see the sky above

c I swim within her ocean Sweet and warm

o There's no storm my love

You're my everything

And nothing really matters

But the lobe you bring

You're my everything

You're my everything

To see you in the morning

With those big brown eyes

You're my everything

Forever and a day

I need you close to me

You're my everything

You never have to worry never fear

For I am near

All my everything

I live up on the land and see the sky above

I swim within ger ocean sweet and warm

There's no storm my love


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