She Can't Feel Anything Anymore (Album Version) 1995 Paula Cole
TrekShe Can't Feel Anything Anymore (Album Version)

Artis: Paula Cole

Album: Harbinger

Waktu rilis: 10-10-1995

She was on the floor, her face was in her mother’s arms.

She had said that she’d been out late with the boys.


Just another evening, like every other evening


Everything is all the same it seems.


Danny always called her on the phone for no special reason,



He could never tell her what it was, he suffered silently,



Just another evening, but his hands just couldn’t be still,

He can’t control it and he cannot tell her why,

Feel the beaded knuckles, feel the snap inside,

See the rush of terror in her eye,

She can’t feel it

She can’t feel it

She can’t feel anything anymore


He tried painfully, he begged for her forgiveness on his knees,

She gave gracefully, but inside,

But inside,

She still bleeds

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