You Reign (Album Version) 2003 4Him
TrekYou Reign (Album Version)

Artis: 4Him


Waktu rilis: 16-12-2003

You Reign - 4Him

Long before you ever said


et there be light


To long after this world has had


Its?final night


Great god in heaven you be


Where You always been

Seated on your holy throne


King of all kings


Looking down on men


You are ruler above all the nations


Sovereign through all generations

Lord you reign


One day

All kings will tremble before you


I will bow down to adore you


Lord you reign


Morning and night the sky shouts


Your majesty


Saying the whole universe

Is under your feet


This is the peace in my heart


The strength of my soul


Whatever happens in life


This much I know


You are in control


There none like you

Lord you are worthy


Whatever you do


Always is perfect


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