Planet Texas (Album Version) 1989 Kenny Rogers
TrekPlanet Texas (Album Version)

Artis: Kenny Rogers

Album: Something Inside So Strong

Waktu rilis: 14-02-1989

Planet Texas - Kenny Rogers

They rode like they was Rangers

When they came out of the skies

They had high-tech horses


With beacons in their eyes

My gun was cocked and ready

When I looked into their face

I seen they weren't just common buckaroos

Born of the human race

No, sir, these cowboys came from space

Their shootin' irons shot laser light

And their spurs was anodized

Bandannas caked with stardust

And their jeans was pressurized

Well, he handed me a halter

And said, "Tighten up the girth"


But before I hit the saddle

We were miles above the Earth

And I mean miles above the Earth


I seen London, Paris

Budapest, Kashmir and Tokyo

And there ain't no sight

Like a desert night looking down on Mexico

Through the moons of Mars and Jupiter

'Round Saturn's rings we rode

Past the frozen plains of Pluto


Where even the sunshine's cold

Man, I do mean cold

Then our interstellar stallions

Sailed through the starless void

There was nothing to miss in that emptiness

Not even a stray asteroid

'Til we picked up the trail of a comet's tail

Man, you can't even dream that far

And the gallopin' beat

Like the rhythm of an old catgut guitar

Just a-strummin' from the distant star


Well, it could've lasted minutes

Or a hundred thousand years

But they got me down

I was safe and sound

And it hadn't even popped my ears

And they rared back on their broncos

And they shot a bolt of light

I knew they were the good guys

Yes sir, you got it right

'Cause their cowboy hats was white


So ask 'em as they pulled their reins

Towards the settin' sun

"Before you go, I'd like to know

Just where you boys come from?"

Well, they opened up a star chart and said

"Right here where this 'X' is

It's the biggest place in outer space

A planet known as Texas."






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