The Ouija Board (Remastered Version) (Remastered LP Version) 2005 Laurie Anderson
TrekThe Ouija Board (Remastered Version) (Remastered LP Version)

Artis: Laurie Anderson

Album: Talk Normal: The Laurie Anderson Anthology

Waktu rilis: 04-01-2005

The ouija board - Laurie anderson

In 1978, I spent some time in California in the fall


Looking for a quiet place to live


I finally found what seemed to be the perfect apartment


But the night after I moved in


I heard a tremendous pounding sound


As it turned out, I had moved in right above

A Hawaiian hallow log drum school


Every other night, it was converted into a hula school


With a live band of six Hawaiian guitars


I decided to soundproof my place


But I didn't hang the door very well and all the sounds kept drifting in


About this time, like a lot of New Yorkers

Who find themselves on the West Coast


I got interested in various aspects of California's versions of the occult


We would sit around at night


When the Santa Anna winds howled outside


And ask questions to the ouija board


I found out a lot of information on my past 9,361 human lives on this planet


My first life was as a raccoon


And then you were a cow


And then you were a bird


And then you were a hat, spelled the ouija


We said “a hat?”

We couldn't figure it out.


Finally we guessed that

The feathers from the bird had been made into a hat

Is this true


Yes, spelled the ouija. Hat counts as half life


And then


Hundreds and hundreds of rave eyes


Now this is apparently my first life as a woman


Which should explain quite a few things


Eventually though, the ouija's written words


Seemed to take a kind of personality, a kind of a voice


Finally we began to ask the board

If the ouija would be willing to appear to us in some other form


Forget it, forget it, forget it, forget it, forget it, forget it

The ouija seemed like it was about to crash

Please, please, what can we do now


So you will show yourself to us in some other manifestation


You should lurk. You should L, U, R, K. Lurk.


No, I never really figured out how to lurk in my own place


Even though it was only a rented place


But I did find myself looking over my shoulder a lot


And every sound that drifted in


Seemed to be a version of this phantom voice


Whispering in a code that I could never crack


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