This One's For Me (Album Version) 1989 Ice T
TrekThis One's For Me (Album Version)

Artis: Ice T

Album: The Iceburg / Freedom Of Speech

Waktu rilis: 01-10-1989

Yo yo whassup ice man you look upset brother

Yo man, I got a lot of things on my mind man

But I dont know if I should put it on this record, yaknahmsayin?

Man go ahead and kick it man

Let the people know whats happenin man

You know brothers out there sellin out man

Why they goin out like that man?

Yo, sellin out like it aint nothin man

I aint with it

Dig it, Im just a brother from l.a.

South central, I live life the fly way

Used to bang and hustle but I traded for the big game

Infamy got dumped for fame

Now Im known and respect as creator of the crime rhyme;

But my lyrics are deeper

Because Im the one that makes you think before make a move

I wrote pusher, high rollers, and colors just to prove

That I could kick game, and drop knowledge at the same time

But one l.a. station wouldnt play my records one time

Im tryin to save my community

But these bourgeoise blacks keep on doggin me

They dont care about violence, drugs and gangs

Kjlh, you aint about nuttin

You just a bunch of punk bourgeoise black suckers

And this ones for me

You wont play no public enemy

You aint playin no boogie down productions

You aint tryin to represent the black community

You just carin about your little ol r&b +bull+

You play all day and night

I represent los angeles all over the united states

And you aint did nuttin for me

Think about it

Hold up, I aint finished on the diss tip

Theres a few more punks that I got to rip

All you chump mcs who sell out quick

When p.e. was on the top, you rode the tip

But now they got problems and you suckers run

Whos chucks real friends, does he really have one?

You yell p.e. this, p.e. that

Fist in the air, proud to be black

Now they got static and you run like punks

I havent heard an mc stand up for him once

Maybe you suckers are just hopin that they fall off

So you can fill their shoes, nope sorry boss

Thats what the matter with black people anyway

We aint down with nothin, I dont care what you say

Yell or lie, dont even bother

How low will a brother go for a dollar?

Public enemy broke a new rap age

And now you rappers aint got nuttin to say?

Yo its their problemgriff shouldnta said it

E wheres my pistol? (yo Ill go get it)

Cause its time for me to enforce some discipline

Are you down or not, are you out or in?

Chuck flav and griff are my true friends

I got their backs if it means my career ends

All you so-called down mcs with public enemy

I aint heard nobody out there, tryin to help my man out

Youknowhatimsayin? griff is my man, I dont care what he said

Youknowhatimsayin? and I aint gon let them go out like that

Youknowhatimsayin? chuck, ice got your back

Anybody out there got problems with public enemy, come talk to me

Once again, Im back in the diss mode

I gotta speak my mind, its time to unload

On this so-called government weve got

If I lied like them, I think Id get shot

They sell drugs to kids and say its us

And when the cops are crooks, who can you trust?

You only see young brothers in a drug bust

Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust

My homey got a year for an ounce of weed

While bush sells weapons to the enemy

You gotta be stone blind not to see

Our government is honest! nigga, please

Cocaine cant be made in the united states

Kickin facts like this our government hates

The young kids on the streets aint the enemy

Theyre just ghetto youth after money

They sell drugs, but who sells drugs to them?

Try the c.i.a. my friend

Or the f.b.i. or even bush

Somebodys gettin rich, damn sure aint us

Were just killin ourselves while others laugh

Look at the street, its a cocaine bloodbath

We gotta realize dope is pure death

Mess with drugs, youre breathin your last breath

Sellin drugs is straight up genocide

Theyre gonna laugh, while we all die

Sittin up there thinkin youre makin that money

Hustlin and all that, youre killin your brothers

Youknowhatimsayin? you just stupid, straight up stupid

Puttin dope into your body - cmon, youknowhatimsayin?

You gotta get somethin goin out there

Get some brains, youknowhatimsayin?

We are just playin ourselves cold out of the pocket

This ones for me, I make records for you

But this cut I straight out had to do

Theres topics in my mind I have to break

Cause so many of you out there are so damn fake

If ya aint know theyre no-one, cutthroats

Backstabbers, scheamin for banknotes

And all of you out there know what Im talkin bout

If you claim youre down then never sell-out

Never sell out, youknowhatimsayin?

You gotta stay down for yours

You know I want it, sure as Im ice-t

I make records for you, but this ones for me

You know what Im talkin bout out there

Theres ways to sell out left and right

But you aint got to do that

Theres things more important than money

Im talkin bout pride, Im talkin bout dignity

You got it out there

All you got to do is stand on your own two feet

Dont go out like no sucker

Stay down, youknowhatimsayin?


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