The Hostage (LP Version) 1973 Judy Collins
TrekThe Hostage (LP Version)

Artis: Judy Collins

Album: True Stories And Other Dreams

Waktu rilis: 14-02-1973

The Hostage (LP版) - Judy Collins (朱蒂·柯林斯)

I'm a guard in the great iron prison

At least I was 'till now

It was never a picnic social

Never a date


They never come in laughing

And you know they never taught them how

It was damn hard work

And you wouldn't believe the pay


It was early in the morning lord

I wasn't but a half awake

When the cons went nuts

And took us by surprise


I never was one for shaking

But I found it hard to stand

With a six inch blade

Held right between my eyes


We could hear a siren blowing


Somebody yelled in pain

Then it got so quiet

You could hear a bird walk by


They all had masks on their faces

They spoke with a voice of cain

If they come in shooting

You know you're bound to die

I turned to a buddy named willie

I said willie it'll be all right

If they meant to kill us

We'd be half way down to hell


See they high jacked a plane

In the dessert

And the government screamed and cries

But to save some lives

They opened up a prison cell


So the days kept coming and going

Tension was getting high

But I wasn't too worried

I figured I knew the score


I knew they were talking to someone

I knew they were willing to try

So I figured my freedom

Was a matter of a day or two more

And jesus early this morning

The whirlybird dropped the gas


It made me secound

And it brought me to my knees

Bullets came like hai stones

I heard the first ones pass

Then they cut down willie

And they got jim kelly and me

They come in yelling curses

Like they were caught

In the river rhine

Shot down every

God damned thing they saw


And while I lay they wounded

I took another one in my spine

Poor jim kelly got

Another one in his jaw


They say we had our throats cut

By a band of desperate men

They say they saved

Just as many of us they as they could


Well the governor he should now it

But I think I'll say it again

That the governor

Cut my throat and he cut it good



Let them take the governor

Hold him for a couple of days


See who goes in shooting to set him free


Hell they'll open every

Jail in the country

Send them on their way

They'd never do to him

What the governor done to me

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