Rain Street 2001 The Pogues
TrekRain Street

Artis: The Pogues

Album: The Very Best Of The Pogues

Waktu rilis: 12-03-2001

Rain Street - The Pogues

The church bell rings

An old drunk sings

A young girl hocks her wedding ring

Down on Rain Street


Down the alley the icewagon flew

Picked up a stiff that was turning blue

The local kids were sniffin' glue


Not much else for a kid to do

Down Rain Street


Father McGreer buys an ice cold beer

And a short for Father Loyola

Father Joe's got the clap again

He's drinking Coca-Cola


Down on Rain Street


Bless me Father I have sinned

I got pissed and I got pinned

And God can't help the state I'm in

Down on Rain Street

There's a Tesco on the sacred ground

Where I pulled her knickers down

While Judas took his measly price

And St Anthony gazed in awe at Christ

Down on Rain Street


I gave my love a goodnight kiss

I tried to take a late night piss

But the toilet moved so again I missed

Down Rain Street

I sat on the floor and watched TV

Thanking Christ for the BBC

A stupid fucking place to be

Down Rain Street

I took my Eileen by the hand

Walk with me was her command

I dreamt we were walking on the strand

Down Rain Street


That night Rain Street went on for miles

That night on Rain Street somebody smiled


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