Return-Part 2 (Interlude) 2001 Silk
TrekReturn-Part 2 (Interlude)

Artis: Silk

Album: Love Session

Waktu rilis: 12-06-2001

Return-Part 2 (Interlude) (LP Version) - Silk (丝绸)

Things are lookin' better now

We're still in this game somehow


And we owe it all to you

Lord you never let us down

It's time for us to close the show


We wanna let our people know oh yeah

You might not always see a face

But our music stays around around

We always keep our music real

We cater to that s**x appeal

Give you something you can feel

Hope you enjoyed the smooth silky sounds


We hope we made you loose control

Hope we took you to the next level

It's time to say goodbye for now

'Cuz this love session is closed is closed

But we will return

We're gonna come back to you yeah

We gotta come back to you you yeah

My way

We will return


We're gonna come back to you back to you

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