Little Japan (Album Version) 1996 La Bamba
TrekLittle Japan (Album Version)

Artis: La Bamba

Album: Colossal Head

Waktu rilis: 19-03-1996

Little Japan (Album Version) - La Bamba (灰狼一族合唱团)

Alone at night with sleepless eyes

The starlit sky don't seem to mind


A candle's burnin' a hundred years


Like a baby cryin' a thousand tears

But it's been so long


And the days go on and on


A town is sleepin' across the sea


In a land that's only a memory


A red sun's risin' as if to say


Don't ever leave me don't go away

But I gotta be strong


As time goes on and on


What can I do in dreams so blue where I see you

My little japan my little japan


Morning's comin' through evening's rest


I've tried my hardest I've done my best


Is it right to say to you


What my spirit's calling for me to do

But I can't be wrong


I gotta go on and on


Along the way I'll hope and pray I can see the day

I could be with you my little japan


I can be with you

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