Theme From The Bad And The Beautiful 2010 Michael Feinstein
TrekTheme From The Bad And The Beautiful

Artis: Michael Feinstein

Album: Such Sweet Sorrow

Waktu rilis: 16-02-2010

Theme From The Bad And The Beautiful (LP版) - Michael Feinstein

Love is wrong it sings a hopeless song


It longs for bitter disappointment and tears and tears

It calls to all that used to be


And it yearns for someone who was tender but untrue


Love is blind it's helplessly inclined


To bind itself to discontentment and fears and fears


It on nights that might have been


Love needs nothing more to do

My darling so I hold each little talking


We knew we knew


Endlessly I unfold each word we've spoken


We two we two


Love is mad it's beautiful but bad


It gladly weeps when disillusion appears appears


And so I cling to yesterday while I'm hopelessly in love


While I'm hopelessly in love with you

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