Countryside 1998 Chris Stills

Artis: Chris Stills

Album: 100 Year Thing

Waktu rilis: 13-01-1998

Countryside (LP Version) - Chris Stills

Take a trip to countryside.

City skyline say goodbye to you now.

Nothin' but pumpkin pie.

Wishing times like this

could last forever.

'Cause it's bliss and beauty's laughter.

The laughter will make you cry.

Zipping through the tree line.

Powder to my knees.

I can feel all that power go by.


Caribou and tattoo cool.

All you women just too good for me now.

You are all know who you are.


Sometimes I feel like.

Pickin' bones and checkin' out the wisdom.

That all seems to pass you by.

Zippin' through the tree line.

With a woman this time.

I can feel all your anguish cries.


And I can feel all your anguish cries.

'Cause I am here in the country-side.

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