Radio (Album Version) 2003 Dusty Drake
TrekRadio (Album Version)

Artis: Dusty Drake

Album: Dusty Drake

Waktu rilis: 03-06-2003

Radio (Album Version) - Dusty Drake

Clock radio wakes me up

From my dreams

This bathroom floor's

Feeling cold on my feet


But I keep the rhythm

By brushing my teeth to the radio


The nest thing I knew

That toothbrush in my hand

Was a microphone

And I was staring back

At ten thousand screaming fans


Through my radio


Back to Earth off to work

That is the deal

I'm not a star but I know

How it feels to be on my radio


Well I pulled into work

And heard "Born To Be Wild"

I reached for the knob

And I cranked it up loud

And I blasted that Harley straight on

Through the town on my radio


No these aren't handlebars

It's just my steering wheel

And I'm not a rebel

But I know

How it feels on my radio


Music carries hearts away

Turns then 'round

And makes then stay


Proves there's nothing

You can't do

And by itself

Makes dreams come true


We pulled off the road

Just to talk for a while


I pulled her closer

Then I saw her smile

Lit up by the soft amber light

Of the dial on my radio


And somehow the DJ

Knew just what to play

And the singer knew

Just what to say

To make her melt in my arms

That way by the radio


Two innocent hearts

And an automobile

I'm not a stud but I know

How it feels thank God for that radio


Yeah I've learned how to love

And I've learned about life

And I feel they stays here

Stright through the eyes


Of my radio


Yeah my radio


Thank God for that radio


Oh my radio

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