Just Riden' (Album Version) 1994 Saafir
TrekJust Riden' (Album Version)

Artis: Saafir

Album: Boxcar Sessions

Waktu rilis: 27-09-1994

Bored bored in my house it's time 4

Me to hit the streets and find me

A freak without a bra unda her blouse

It's over straight through finished hey


Look like that nigga that played in


That's me but I'm not celebrity


They be choosen figuring I must be


With the bubbling doe they be sayin'

Oh! he look right plus his flow sound

Tight I don't know what he be talkin'

About but it makes me upset but at

The same

Time it kinda makes me wet the game in

The rhyme tells me that he's a vet

It also tells me to get met girl it pays

But she doesn't know I'll molest her


Like sunrays don't play ride me to my shit


Baby. remove ya hands from ya

Draws no

Diggin' in designated areas it'll make

Me think ya itchin' for a bitchin'

Causin' me

To holler obscenities they be dissin'

Me, these

Swingers, dig in they're ass turn


And then smell they fingers

I caught one

No bullshit no joke that's why I had to


Hitten' indo smoke cause I be flashin'


These ho's the type of shit I see on

Summer days make me write but i


Bite when I be riden'


Hoorodden wit my folks jay-z is


Straight soldiers in this shit to

Leave his side you couldn't pay me

We be clownin'

But won't get caught slippen' and

Sliden' slouchy

In the afterlife talkin' like they got me,


I don't wanna die so I ride wit my

Patna' one eye

One guy always be at me at the light


A bra I'll make ya windows tight faulty

Is what he be on that squeegee see,

I be

Seeing streaks and shit get the fuck

Away from my car I ain't got no


But I'm lying he smiled at me then

Winked and flash me his diamond i

Smobbed out the lot hit the corner

And peeped him on a plot I watched a

Nigga get got then around the corner

We come took off the wig and gave


The game the same sentiment came


His intent but it's irrelevant 'cause

Game recognize game and I'm intelligent

So save it up and out burnt rubber on


Pavement, the type of shit I see on


Days makes me write but I never bite

When I be riden'

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