Have I Told You Lately 2002 Tony Bennett
TrekHave I Told You Lately

Artis: Tony Bennett

Album: SONY极品试音碟

Waktu rilis: 04-01-2002

Have I Told You Lately?-Tony Bennett

Often through the day as I work away

I resolved to get home early with roses for my girly

And kiss her hand

Her lips, her nose and say

Have I told you lately


You look so lovely

Each time I see you

My heart melts away

In the rush of little

Everyday things

Sometimes you don't say things

You mean to say

Have I mentioned lately

I'm glad you took me

Instead of hooking someone

With the million or two

When I think of all the girls

I could have been stuck with

I sure was in luck with

The one I drew

Have I told you lately

How much your husband loves you?




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