Court And Spark 1974 Joni Mitchell
TrekCourt And Spark

Artis: Joni Mitchell

Album: Court And Spark

Waktu rilis: 01-01-1974

Court And Spark (LP版) - Joni Mitchell (琼妮·米切尔)

Love came to my door

With a sleeping roll


And a madman's soul

He thought for sure i'd seen him

Dancing up a river in the dark

Looking for a woman

To court and spark


He was playing on the sidewalk


For passing change

When something strange happened

Glory train passed through him

So he buried the coins he made

In people's park

And went looking for a woman

To court and spark


It seemed like he read my mind

He saw me mistrusting him

And still acting kind

He saw how i worried sometimes

I worry sometimes


All the guilty people he said

They've all seen the stain-

On their daily bread

On their christian names

I cleared myself

I sacrificed my blues


And you could complete me

I'd complete you


His eyes were the color of the sand

And the sea

And the more he talked to me

The more he reached me

But i couldn't let go of l a


City of the fallen angels

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