I Will Always Love You 1999 Mindy
TrekI Will Always Love You

Artis: Mindy

Album: 我会永远爱你

Waktu rilis: 25-11-1999

If I'Should Stay I Would only bein your way

So I Would But I'mnot I'll think of you.


Every stepof way


And I will And I Will always love you


Will always love you You'


My daring you hmmmmmm Bittersweet'memories


That is all I'm taking withme So goodbye'


please don't cry We bothknow and I want you You and me


and Iwill always love you And I will alwayslove you BRIDGE I hope'

life treat youcalm And I hope you have all you

dreamedof Anmd I'm wishing you joy And happinessBut above all this I'm wishing you'

loveAnd I will always love you And I will always love youI


Will always love you


And I will always love youI will always love you


will always love youI


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