Mountains and Valleys 2004 Petra
TrekMountains and Valleys

Artis: Petra

Album: Petra

Waktu rilis: 30-03-2004

Mountains and Valleys -Petra

Standing high on a mountain, I can see forever

All the parts in the puzzle seem to be together

The sky is clear and the sun shines on me

The Lord is here and I'm feelin' so free

Walking through the valley, darkness falls around me

Walking through the shadows, evil things surround me

I'm not forsaken, the Lord is my light

I know He's making a way in the night


If you've never been in the valley, you'll never know

How high the mountain is above the valley below

When you walk through the valley, you've got to keep your head up

And if you fall or stumble you've got to pick yourself up

The Lord is waiting to hear your heart cry

He'll always give you another try

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