Arriving On A Train 2001 Freedy Johnston
TrekArriving On A Train

Artis: Freedy Johnston

Album: Right Between The Promises

Waktu rilis: 07-08-2001

Arriving On A Train - Freedy Johnston

Sunrise on the tower clock


Back streets still wet with rain


Rowhouses slow then stop


I am arriving on a train


You were always telling me

Not to be so sure


And if I cannot get away

Try to get through


Suddenly now I wake up


Alone on an empty train


I could never get it right

Till I gave up trying


I'm toward the end, settled in

Happy for a while


Now it all seems like a memory at one time


Blue light through cloudy glass


Empty platform like a stage


And I wonder where I'm at


I am arriving on a train


And as I rise from my seat I find

The worried voices fade away


Then at the steps I realize


I am arriving on a train

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