Saturn Girl (Album Version) 1995 Paula Cole
TrekSaturn Girl (Album Version)

Artis: Paula Cole

Album: Harbinger

Waktu rilis: 10-10-1995

Lost in another world, oh Saturn, Saturn Girl.

Far away, ot an infinite world I escape

I'm clear and calm, I'm unafraid.

Sunless days, in my sheltered Milky Way


In Saturn's rings I feel no pain.

In my heart, in my head

Oh, Saturn Girl has always bled

No you're not, from this world

Saturn Girl.

I can't explain, why I don't belong to the same world

I don't fit in, and I will not stay.

I want to fly, oh I long for my violet skies

My astral nights, my peace of mind.



Lost in another world, oh Saturn, Saturn Girl.

Saturn Girl, I'd rather be lost in my empyrean world

Than be down on earth.


Everybody tries to break my dreams to break through,

They don't believe in my words, they don't believe in my world.

"Oh you're lost in another world,

Oh you're lost you Saturn Girl, oh you crazy girl,


Oh you Saturn Girl..."



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