God's Own Open Road (Album Version) 1996 Tish Hinojosa
TrekGod's Own Open Road (Album Version)

Artis: Tish Hinojosa

Album: Dreaming From The Labyrinth

Waktu rilis: 01-05-1996

God's Own Open Road (Album Version) - Tish Hinojosa (蒂雪·西诺荷莎)

Somewhere 'neath the darkened sky a weary heart a lonesome eye

Tracks along an empty highway lead to somewhere else


All my past and all my wishes tears reflect on muddy ditches

My own mind is searching for an answer

From the eyes that look right back


I want to know about the outer reaches

Everything that heartbreak teaches

Questions of survival that in every soul exist


What about the endless sky

A child that wants to know just why

The world spins round and people die

And does it hurt well baby so do I


Walking on the streets

I've known a city that I once called home

A stranger now another time that doesn't want me back


Poems in my native tongue whisper where I used to run

The river brushing by a shore that knew it all along


Here I stood and there I dreamed of future bright as magazines

Without the shades of sorrow in between


Where we've been and what we've seen

Are we taught or are we teaching

Reaching seeking needing preaching pleading speeding screeching to a halt


Cattle guards and power lines mark the distance of our times

Like wheels that roll and bells that

Toll of hours and aging wine


Love we gave and love we made gone astray and then forgave

Naked as a masquerade for truth to figure out


Voices shout and voices sing words slip out and most stay in

In symphonies that live within the pockets of our soul


Colors of the open sea paint the

Edges of a dream in crystal blues

And deeper hues of wind and earth and God's own open road

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