Utican 2018 Novo Amor

Artis: Novo Amor

Album: Birthplace

Waktu rilis: 19-10-2018

Utican - Novo Amor

Lyrics by:Ali Meredith Lacey/Edward Tullett

Composed by:Ali Meredith Lacey/Edward Tullett

Hear that

Oh my God

I'll fill the coffee over

Tear out

All my love until my blood runs sober

Oh let me down

My body's sinking

I can feel it now

Oh hear me out

I've been thinking I won't stick around

See that

Oh my God

I think we lost control

Feel that

Don't mind me

I won't be here for long

So please don't tell me now

Swore it for you once and it gets me down

So please don't tell me now

Oh get me out

My body's shaking

But I don't fear it now

I'll sing it out

Thank God you're shrinking

'Cause I won't be around


So I would take a bow

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