SYRE In Abbey Road 2018 Jaden Smith
TrekSYRE In Abbey Road

Artis: Jaden Smith

Album: The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story

Waktu rilis: 17-11-2018

SYRE In Abbey Road - Jaden Smith

Lyrics by:Jaden Smith

Composed by:Jaden Smith

Produced by:Jaden Smith

Ooh get closer

'Cause all night

Oh yeah 'cause tonight

Tonight you're my everything

My everything baby girl

Could probably get me to do anything ooh

Slow down baby now

Too many oh so many

I fall down I'm in love

Slow down new type of s**t

Back again

Oh my oh my oh my

Oh my oh my baby

Oh my

Tonight tonight baby girl

Oh my slow down

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