So Blue 2001 Downhere
TrekSo Blue

Artis: Downhere

Album: Downhere

Waktu rilis: 16-10-2001

So Blue(LP Version) - Downhere

Shallow capacity is bearing all I see and I know


It's disease, it's loss

It's death knocking at my door


I click these thoughts to something else,


something more


And I'm so blue, so blue


Detached harmonies,


all the airways scream dissonance


And we know of broken life, broken homes


Broken hearts and broken bones


Recycling the paper of


a crying world's suicide note and


We're so blue, we're so blue


So blue, so blue


See the world spinning round


A sucking hole that souls go down

Embrace the sorrow of today


Because repentance finds a way


Only his blood can heal our wounds


Only his blood can heal our wounds


And if repentance finds a way

What's left today to be


Blue, so blue


Blue, so blue


A final symphony


The precipice too close,

you're scaring me, back away


Sin is real, it doesn't feel,


it always only always steals


Run to the cross the only joy that's real


So blue, so blue


Oh, so blue, so blue


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